The Cooperative Produttori Agricoli Pieve Santa Luce was established in 1953 upon initiative by Maremma's Authorities, as part of their institutional activities.

At first, the only Business Associates were the beneficiaries of the land reform; progressively the Statute was adapted to the already changed social reality, initially accepting owner farmers and subsequently welcoming all the agricultural entrepreneurs.

Originally, the premises only covered the areas of Santa Luce and Orciano but have now gradually expanded to the territories of Lorenzana, Casciana Terme, Castellina, Fauglia and Lari(Pisa), Rosignano and Collesalvetti (Livorno).

By the end of 2009 the Cooperative registers 359 associates who own an area of about 5000 Ha.

The topography is mainly hilly and made of clay soils; this condition allows limited cultivation choices, restricted to the repetition of cereals and fodder legumes.

Olive-growing has a great relevance, poor is the cultivation of wine-growing while the animal husbandry has marginal concern.

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